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Why doesn't my motorcycle/scooter start

We will happily come to you to fix your scooter or motorcycle, we have a 100% success rate to diagnose problems and get your bike back on the road.


You issue could be something simple that you could resolve without us coming so before you call us, we advise you check the follow the below points, and if you bike or scooter still does not start then call us.


Your motorcycle or scooter might not crank at all, which means the engine does not turn over when you hit the start button or the engine might crank but does not fire or start.


Some problems could be the battery related or sometimes if may seem like your battery is dead but could a different issue.



1.Most motorcycles and scooter have a kill switch that looks like the below image, make sure it is turn on


2.Make you sure your motorcycle is in neutral and also the side stand is fully closed for your scooter and motorcycle


3.Pull in your brake and clutch lever in and with scooter pull in the rear and front brake levers at the same time


4.If you have access to your battery or know how to get to the battery, check your battery terminals if they are loose, if they move around then try to tighten them and try to start again.


5.Many motorcycles and scooter have a main fuse and it’s usually located next to the battery, some bikes are harder to get to. But if you can get to the fuse check the fuse to make sure it has not blown.




If you have tried all the steps above and still no luck, then give us a call as we are mobile mechanic and look after many areas in Sydney and will happy come around to fix your motorcycle or scooter.

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